Another example of a phrase that can be used as both a phrasal verb and a noun is the phrase look out.

This post will explain the different meanings of this phrase and give examples of how it is used.

Look Out

Look out (for): Even though phrasal verbs with the word “look” were discussed in a previous post, the phrase “look out” was not discussed. Therefore, a more in depth treatment is needed here. Fortunately, there is really only one meaning: “cuidar” or “tomar conta.” Here is an example:

Phrasal verbs: Veja o significado de Look Out

Phrasal verbs: Veja o significado de Look Out

It is your responsibility to look out for your younger brother.

Lookout: As you can probably guess, this word is used as a noun. It is used to describe a place, usually an elevated place, where one can get a good view of something. Another way that it is used as a noun is as part of the prepositional phrase “on the lookout” which means “watching for something.” Here are some examples:

From his lookout, he could see the entire town.

Be on the lookout for this man because he is a dangerous criminal.

Here is another example of how these words can be used: