Google: One of the most interesting nouns to become a verb in the English language.

This is especially interesting when considering what the original meaning of the word was.

The word is actually the number 1 with one-hundred 0’s behind it (transcribing the actual number here would unnecessarily take up too much space).

Soon, a search engine with the same name was developed. Whenever you do a search and it shows the pages of results at the bottom of the page, each page is represented by an “o” in the word Google” This is a visual representation of the real meaning of  Google as number with 100 zeroes.


Google: Quando e como usar essa expressão em inglês

Google: Quando e como usar essa expressão em inglês


In recent years, the search engine has become so popular that the word has actually become a verb meaning “to use the search engine to find something on the internet.” Here are some examples of how is used as a noun and a verb:

1. I like to use Google because it makes research much easier. (As a noun) at

2. If you want to find something on the internet, just google it. (As a verb)

Here are some more examples of how this word is used: 

This article is about how the company was going to pull out of China because of something that happened at a university, but China thought it was Google’s fault and called them “irresponsible.”

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