You need motivation!

Hey guys! ? I’m going to write in English for you to practice your skills and for you to learn new vocabulary words. Are you ready? ?

If you want to learn a new language or if you want to accomplish new things in life. What do you need? You need motivation. ?

But someone told me once that you shouldn’t be motivated. What do you mean? We shouldn’t be motivated? So what I learned was that instead of being motivated, we should motivate ourselvesWhy shouldn’t we be motivated? Why do we have to motivate ourselves? 

Because usually motivated people are always complaining because whenever they find an obstacle they give up, they complain about it, and they just want to always continue to be motivated by someone else or to be motivated by something else.

So that is why you have to motivate yourself! You have to be the source of your own motivation. ?

Let’s look closely to the differences: a person who is only motivated, besides complaining at the first obstacle, they also always think that someone else has to do what they have to do. So they’re always responding to someone’s else’s action instead of taking action on their own.

Now, someone who is motivated on their own is able to look at an obstacle and to see it as an opportunity.

So instead of complaining about an obstacle in your life, you can choose to see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow and to reap the rewards.

If you motivate yourself, you’ll know that you are accountable for your own results. So you’re accountable for your results. You’re responsible for your results. So remember make a list of the things you want to accomplish in life and be persistent. ? Motivate yourself!

Don’t wait for anybody else. Don’t wait for anyone to motivate you. Don’t wait for everything to go smoothly and perfect because obstacles help us grow and obstacles also create opportunities for us.

Think about this for a while and remember: be self motivated. Food for thought!

Always keep practicing. Don’t let other people keep you from getting where you want to go. Alright?

I hope you liked this tip. Remember to write me in the comments every new word that you learned because I want to know how well you’re doing.


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 I’ll see you next week or every day on social media! ? Bye! 


– Accomplish: realizar, alcançar

– Motivation: motivação 

– Ourselves: nós mesmos

– Source: fonte

– Take action: tomar uma atitude, entrar em ação, agir, fazer algo

– To be accountable: ser responsável

– Food for thought: para refletir ou algo para se pensar

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