Erros comuns na hora de estudar Inglês!

?? Hey guys! This is Sara Scarcelli and today I want to challenge you to take this test to find out if you are set to succeed or to fail in learning English! ?

Are you ready? Let’s do this! ?


1 – How many times have you quit?

1) Once

2) At least 3 times

3) More than 3 times

You must follow through with your objectives in life! Quitters will never succeed! You can only succeed if you persist. Persistence is key!

2 – How much time are you investing in studying English?

1) 1 hour a week

2) 2 hours a week

3) 20 minutes every day

I have seen this too many times to tell you for sure that if you study once or twice a week you will hardly make any progress. I am now trying to learn Italian and I know it is very easy to forget. ?

To be really able to learn a new language, you must take at least 20 minutes every day to study English. Don’t cheat! ? You will start noticing a difference in the way you understand and speak English. It will soon become more automatic and when you least expect it – you’ll be understanding much more of your favorite movies and songs and you’ll be very confident in speaking English.

study english - Curso de Inglês Online

3 – How often do you practice something you learned?

1) Never!

2) A couple of times

3) Quite often

Practice makes perfect! Once you learn something new, you have to practice it as much as it takes to make it stick. And keep in mind that you may still forget it the next day. So what do you have to do? You have to practice again… Practice makes perfect! I can’t stress this enough.

Did you learn a new word? Write it down. Write its definition and put it in a sentence. Then, try putting it in a different sentence. Say it out loud even if to yourself. Try to say it to someone else in a conversation. The next day? Review it and come up with another sentence and other ways to practice what you have learned. Seriously! You will even thank me later!

Come up with your own “Practice Makes Perfect” notebook. If you have a notebook that serves this purpose, be sure to share it with me on social media. Use the hashtag #SaraIngles200h and I will be able to find it!

perfect - Curso de Inglês Online


4 – How do you set the audio and subtitles when watching movies, TV series, and etc?

1) Audio in Portuguese

2) Audio in English with Portuguese subtitles

3) Audio in English with/without English subtitles

To be fair – I don’t think it is an issue if you watch dublado once a week to relax. But if it is all the time or most of the time, then this is a problem. How do you expect to be fluent in English if you’re still watching things in Portuguese? This makes no sense at all.

Remember the Einstein quote? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

How do you expect to be fluent if you don’t change your daily habits?

It’s up to you – really. You have to decide that from now on you won’t watch movies in Portuguese anymore! Promise? Pinky promise?

subtitles - Curso de Inglês Online

5 – What do you do to speak English with others?

1) I avoid it as much as I can.

2) I only speak English if necessary.

3) I try to find opportunities to speak English.

People usually avoid speaking English because they’re afraid to say something wrong or they’re afraid of pronouncing something wrong. You are only learning and mistakes are part of the process. Don’t keep yourself from trying because you’re afraid of failing.

talk - Curso de Inglês Online

6 – How interested are you in becoming fluent in English?

1) Somewhat interested

2) Interested.

3) Very interested.

The method you choose to learn English as a second language is just as important as your commitment in becoming fluent! Decide now that this is something that you won’t postpone again. Decide now that you will make every minute, day, week count!

American Flag - Curso de Inglês Online

Look at your answers and choose to make a change from now on. Did you score mostly As, Bs or Cs?

That’s it! I’ll see you next week or every day on social media! See ya! 

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